Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ta Ta for Now

Technical difficulties: my hand hurts

Dear Workers readers: I must bid you adieau (sp) for awhile as my hand hurts, so hope will come back stonger than ever. Hope you have enjoyed the last three years or so of the blog. I have tried to be free-thinking, iconclastic, honest, thoughtful, timely, perceptive, analytical, spontaneous, creative with this. And of course have failed. But you may find some stuff you enjoy. Just do a google search of "workers world relax and any topic of interest" of the last three years and you'll probably get my 2 cents. When I started this google was at $90 and now its over $600 so am doing something wrong (right) anyway :-).

thank you until next time.


We live in the best of all possible worlds (cause its the only one we have)

Thomas Szasz has a (good) theory that we all need something to worry about. This may or may not be true or true at different levels depending, or could be called creative tension or whatever else. Just like stereotypes and rumors. Isnt there alot of (but no absolute) truth to the things we say and believe?

Environmentalists of course worry about the environment. And of course some environmentalists are 'leftists' because they want to take money from some people and give it to causes they believe in, in of course this case, the environment. And to put this redristribution ahead of the rights of others to keep the fruits of their labor. This takes form in asking the government to do things against "polluters". (But dont we all pollute and is not repeting the obvious or exagerating the truth pollution as well?).

Ok then, well it seems like now the market is helping to solve the problem of regulation oftentimes keeping the prices of resources too cheap which then leads to an over depletion of these resources. Point is people are asking for factories that dont pollute or waste water and or energy. Companies are hearing the demand (and reacting to the high price of oil), witness Frito Frtito Lay's prototype Net-Zero factory. Don't worry about it and be sure to buy their potato chips if you like the idea, and well, like potato chips.

UN Programs are Uber-Government

Pay this and pay that they're all a bunch of filthy brats (with apologies to the Sex Pistols)

Workers blogged about this way back when, but resultant is now Chevron just had to pay $30 million as a fine for kickback charges relating to the oil-for-food United Nations program occuring under sanctions when Saddam Hussien was in power in Iraq to keep him rich, oops, I mean to enable him to get money to feed his people.

Anyway anti-government screeds are just so much dogma as one should not be allergic to, nor addicted to, government. Government is useful in certain areas (well the only ones I can think of is when everyone who voted for some money to be spend on something can see the end result in person of the results of their, and their neighbors, voting). Anything government beyond the minimal just creates counter-incentives, waste, rent-seeking, and power- and war-mongering.

So to see stuff like kickbacks for government procurements or to bribe decisions should come as to no surprise. Keep it small.