Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Buy the World

Mutual Cooperation

Slowly but surely all of our interests are becoming aligned. Anyone can buy now shares in every public company in the world (except the USA, why not? I dont know) with the click of a button.

That's what Workers calls a small world. If all of our interests were aligned and shared we wouldnt have petty squabbles and not-so-petty wars, e.g. power is becoming more horizontal and less vertical, which might explain why empire is becoming over-extended as a reaction.

So Goes Kyrgyzstan


What happens when 1) polities grow too large, or 2) polities are made from externally-mandated (usually imperialist) forces?

Answer: Democracy doesnt work. We can see this in the USA where a country that started with a few tens of millions of people has grown to hundreds of millions and where the government has grown from less than 10% of the economy to more than 30%. And in, obviously too, Iraq, where a fake country (grown from British empire) is having democracy forced down its throat upon people (tribes) who dont even like each other let alone want to live in and manage the same country together.

In the USA we have 40% at most of population show up to vote, and then the winner then gets, what? 40% of that. So with 16% of the population as mandate we have a war machine that is saddling our children with debt. Not too fair now is this?

Same thing in Kyrgystan. In the ex-USSR they have somewhat different bad stories with nation-states grown amuk. There one often hears the vote turnout is 80 - 95% but in reality it is the same around 40%, if that. President Akayeva is trying to pull some fast ones there to increase his power base. So what else is new. People just dont care about politics unless they are trying to control someone else's life (if they have the fatal conceit) or if they are tying to get something for nothing (be the recipient of redistributionalist policies).

So basically we could let bygones-be-bygones and let those that care about politics and gaming the system to their own advantage have at, it is just the problem is they drag the rest of us down with them.