Sunday, November 11, 2007

God Bless America and God Bless Norman Mailer

Norman Mailer (1923-2007)

Norman Mailer, from Brooklyn, like Milton Friedman and Truman Capote, was cool. His work was profound and timely and interesting and deep. A true blue American individual. He is in a better place now Inchallah.

I remember in Harlot's Ghost, the only book of his I bought new, and I bought lots of his books, he said how creative America is. As we moved West we kept inventing things (like airconditoning and aeroplanes and the railroad). And then when we got to the West Coast and ran out space we invented the movies, the ultimate invention. Anyway he was a good writer. And that movie with Ryan O'Neal was badass.

Restore Human Rights in the USA

Ron Paul's bill

Workers tries not not too get too caught up in politics cause it seems kind of a waste of time.

There is no real choice:

1) Democrats and Republicans are the only national candidates that have a chance and they just keep abusing the system and growing the government through unsustainable populist pandering (e.g. out of control spending and growth of government into all spheres of our lives), and;

2) Democratic politics has failed us (and us I mean here the world) because the political bodies e.g. nation-states have grown so large that misinformation, incomplete information, creeping nanny-statism and rent-seeking have caused voter apathy and an ever-growing corrupt and selfish political class. But to cut some slack perhaps politicians just think they know better. It is not an evil it just results in being one when manifested through action.

Ok anyway the good news is that Ron Paul has put forth some legislation officially noting the increasing curtailment on human liberties we have in this what was once a 'great experiment on the hill'. It is our own personal relationships that matter more and more as Empire grows.