Wednesday, September 06, 2006

How Not to Waste Your Vote

No politics as usual

Are you tired of the Republicans building up government spending and usurping federalism for their pet causes? Are you tired of the Democrats having no identifiable ideals and being almost just as war-mongering as the Republicans? Are you sick of the way both parties have jerrymandered the voting districts so that your vote doesnt matter anyway?

Our two main political parties have had monopoly power for just a little too long and are far too embedded in the corrupt culture of special-interest politics. They have gotten fat sloppy and lazy.

Make your vote count and vote Libertarian this year. If America's third party gets 1% of the vote (in NY anyway) they dont have to petition every year to get on the ballot. (Another thing the monopolist parties have done to limit competition.)

Make your vote count. Vote for something that means something.

[By the way if you answered yes to the Questions above you are not alone, polls show more and more people becoming more and more independent].

The Flying Donut Scourge

The madness must stop

Yes its true, the Mayor of New York City was almost hit by a flying donut (chocolate) when announcing $6 million in new security cameras in the projects. Police are going door-to-door to find the culprit. Its not quite like Travis Bickle but pretty darn close. When will the streets be safe again?

You need one camera to make sure the first camera doesnt get stolen then another to watch the 2nd etc, pretty soon you are up to $6m worth.