Thursday, November 15, 2007

UN Programs are Uber-Government

Pay this and pay that they're all a bunch of filthy brats (with apologies to the Sex Pistols)

Workers blogged about this way back when, but resultant is now Chevron just had to pay $30 million as a fine for kickback charges relating to the oil-for-food United Nations program occuring under sanctions when Saddam Hussien was in power in Iraq to keep him rich, oops, I mean to enable him to get money to feed his people.

Anyway anti-government screeds are just so much dogma as one should not be allergic to, nor addicted to, government. Government is useful in certain areas (well the only ones I can think of is when everyone who voted for some money to be spend on something can see the end result in person of the results of their, and their neighbors, voting). Anything government beyond the minimal just creates counter-incentives, waste, rent-seeking, and power- and war-mongering.

So to see stuff like kickbacks for government procurements or to bribe decisions should come as to no surprise. Keep it small.