Sunday, October 04, 2009

Green Hypocrisy

Is it green or is it mean?

We have seen recent trade barriers against Chinese solar panels imported into the US. The question is this. The global change thing (itself controversal as some studies show that the planet hasn't gotten any warmer during the last ten years) is a global phenomenom, so requires a global solution. So what is the logic in preventing those who wish to buy the cheapest source of alternative energy from doing so? Is it only green if it is made by people who vote domestically and who get government subsidies ("stimulus" spending and protection from competition) for their work? Hmmm, must be. I don't know about you but this smacks of hyprocrisy.

Encouraging foreign producers of alternative sources would seem like the right thing to do (export markets spillover to foreign local domestic consumption as costs are reduced). Hume was a 'sceptic' (albiet in a different sense) so is Workers. It seems like 'global warming' and going green is just politics as usual. Protectionism is just bad economic policy, be it against lower cost tires or lower cost energy sources. The people pay and pay and pay for political follies.