Friday, August 14, 2009

Audit the Fed

New website

Alot of people who read Workers know and understand the problem with the government's monopoly over money. Not least of these being of course a blank check for government spending and thusly a devaluing dollar, lower US standards of living and ever more bailouts, transfering wealth from the average person to the special interest financial industry.

Ron Paul has been the only member of the US Congress who has been consistently speaking out against the Fed's power and he has been calling for an audit of the Fed. His followers (and there is a danger of the cult of personality here maybe but that is another story for another day) have created a website to follow the audit legislation.

Again the audit call is just an awareness movement to bring the public's attention to the ever-increasing power the Fed has in today's bailout culture. But it is indeed a start to what is really needed which is a denationalization of the money.