Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mayor Bloomberg to Feds: "No Thank You"

A little good news at last

In these times of increasing government control over our lives and our finances, it is good to see that our handsome mayor has told the Feds that we (New Yorkers) can say no to the Federal Government 'fiscal stimulus'. In this case its not much but its something, sound reasoning that increased food stamps for the unemployed would mean less incentives to find work and thus a less vibrant local labor market and a thus less vibrant local economy. Of course in the larger picture the whole idea of the feds giving 'stimulus' money or 'bailout' money to the states and cities just means that the states and cities become less accountable (and fiscally responsible) to local citizens. It is good to say 'no' sometimes to free money, and hearing this made Workers day.

However the mayor still has a million strikes against him, not least the wish to raise taxes in a recession and the desire to control our personal choices in consumption through a bunch of 'behavioral economics' nanny-state interventions like menu-labelling requirements and no decent tasting french fries through the ban of fatty oils. Its the little things that oftentimes mean the most.