Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Dance of Aggression

Us v. Them

Yes Russian troops are in Georgia, and now so are US troops in Georgia. This is the dance of the imperialist nation-state, with NATO as our tool. The US is the world's policeman - though to be sure it is not just rule of law that we are enforcing, we are also trying to CREATE rule of law or our version of it anyway. This of course, these entangling alliances, is exactly what the founders of the USA wanted to not happen and did what they could to prevent through balance of powers. And once we go somewhere, very rarely, if at all, do we leave.

There is really no reason why we have to continue to think of Russia as an enemy viz NATO. This is just self-perpetuating dogmatism. Let Russia (Europe) and their own neighbors work it out on their own. The US has nothing to lose or gain except the creation of more antagonism by intervening in the affairs of others.