Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Veterans Day

When Elephants Fight

Happy Veterans Day. It is sad because we all have (or in too many cases had) friends and relatives and big and little brothers and sisters etc who fought for their country overseas. Some people do it out of honor or a sense of belonging or patriotism or to get their act together, some because they were drafted (thank God that is over) and some because economic alternatives offer no other choice.

War is bad let's face it. To kill another has to be anyway you measure the worst thing you can do. Is anything worse?

Today we (the United States) have a government that is out of control. No country has attacked us, we have not declared war on anyone. We are out of some kind of holier-than-though blind idealogical alligence to some (if you ask me, failed) political system forcing our way upon others by killing those that disagree with us, or just wantonly killing to make a point. And to be forthright, this has been happening for decades.

And we are having our young children fight the battles for us and then come home and live the rest of their lives with the trauma of the stupidity caused by out-of-touch wealthy (crony state-capitalism redistributitive wealth, not productive creative life enhancing wealth) power hungry politicians. We have become a sick society of death. How would you like to know that you and others "shot them when they were unarmed and running away," which is what is happening.

We must stop our support, our intervention, in the political affairs of others and the endless downward cycle of death and pain that this causes. Fighting back when attacked is one thing. Prolonged and systemic hate-creation and aggression is another.