Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Clinton's Savings Plan Proposal

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Ok just to make this short and sweet. President Clinton to-be (Hillary that is) is proposing that the government pitch-in $1,000 for the first $1,000 that people put into her proposed savings account (don't we already have tax-free retirement savings acounts? Its another scam, just lower taxes and you wouldnt need these types of complicated scams) to encourage people to save. Of course, as Workers has mentioned before with social security and medicare IOUs the government is already in debt to the tune of $400,000 per family (see the Government Accountability Office's David Walker who is getting the word out on this). So why should the government do more crazy IOU plans?

Of course too Clinton wants to increase estate taxes. See the point is that Clinton (and most politicians of most stripes) want you dependent on the government, on them. Instead of earning your own way and keeping what you earn and helping your fellow human voluntarily if you wish, she wants to take your money, give part of it back to you and part of it to someone else, and then wants you to thank her for it by voting for her. This is political pandering, and hopefully someday there will be some responsible politicians running for office who will not pander and will address the US Government's structural imbalances. Inchallah.