Thursday, September 27, 2007

Alternative Finance

I know better than you about what you want and need

Oceanside, California (which used to be pretty liberal I think) is now going to restrict the rights of people to get 'payday' loans. This is really bad. Just because one is a wealthy politician-councilman who has plenty of donors to their coffers, that doesnt mean other people don't need access to money. To limit this access is wrong, and went out with the debates over usary, what, 300 years ago?

What if someone has a great idea to make a bunch of money (or throw a great party) over the weekend, but doesnt have the money immediately in hand to do so? Without payday loans (and pawnshops and other people who give alternative access to people with unconventional lifestyles) where will people in need get cash?

It is just part of an increasing nanny (or politely, paternalistic) state which prevents us from smoking and eating fatty foods and buying goods we want and getting money, voluntarily, when and where we want.

And now too, it should be noted, that some states are requiring people to buy health insurance (like Marx predicted in capitalist societies perhaps we will all just end up selling insurance - eg financial products - to each other) whether we want to or not. This required insurance of course too is a special interest give-away to insurance companies and medical providers and part of Hillarycare Mach II.