Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Just What We Need, More Corporate Welfare

Let markets and people decide

Even the greens are starting to realize that nuclear power is the way to go. France (and who is more green than France?) has a larger percentage of its power through nuclear power-plants than the USA, which hasnt built a new nuclear reactor in years. And China is currently building beaucoup nuclear power plants to help fuel their economic engine. So why the aversion to nuclear in the USA ?

In fact in a more perfect world instead of SUV road hog gas hogs we Americans would have nuclear-powered cars. If the navies around the world use nuclear-powered submarines why cannot we not have the same in our cars? This seems a reasonable assumption, albiet an unrealistic one given Big Oil.

With innovation in the market - and people's demand - human creativity will indeed come-up with a safe clean and efficient way of getting rid of nuclear waste, not the least of which is just shooting it to the sun to be fused with that mass of energy.

Even if nuclear is the future, that does not mean governments should throw subsidies at the nuclear power industry. The consumer should choose, not the government. Perhaps people want to have their own photostat cells to power their homes and from there their electric cars....this is an option too. When the government picks and choses it removes people's sovereignty and at a big cost distortion.

It's already well known that subsidies for ethanol fuel are distorting the world's food supply and creating unsustainable deforestation (by definition government programs are unsustainable without government spending). The 'flow' of the world's resources in relation to the collective will is disrupted when government mucks up this flow with its special interest incentives.

So the point here is that, yes, there are many alternatives to the Big Oil war machine, but these choices are the choices of individuals, not the choices of the power structure. Let's get "the man" out of the way and prosper together with Gia.