Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Orwell Was Right Again, Part 4

If you can’t compete ask government to protect you, especially if you ARE the government

Orwell in the dystopian 1984 (how could anyone think Orwell was a socialist !) wrote of those with speech impediments giving the nightly news on TV and putting chains on dancers to create a egalitarian society. Now our own (American that is) government is forcing other jurisdictions to raise their taxes, or actually taxing US companies at US rates for business they do in these countries, if they are below US tax rates. If other countries are able to keep their pandering (spending) under control and thus their taxes, well that is just not fair so something must be done about it.

This anti-competitive measure comes in the form of “Stop Tax Haven Abuse” legislation with 40 areas around the world spotlighted in the legislation as tax saboteurs; those areas which welcome business and competition by offering low taxes. This legislation, obviously, smacks of more US imperialism. So much for the shining light on the hill guiding the way to liberty that our country once considered itself to be.