Thursday, June 21, 2007

On Russia and Iran

International two-fer

Ok then. We know that the USA nation-state has become a little too war-mongering in its outlook. As have of course all nation-states not least those the subject of this blog. So what can we do?

Russia: the US should stop messing around over there (eg not here). We should pull-out of NATO - which was created during the coldwar to bring the US and Europe together in a military planning group against the USSR. Thats over now. The continued existence of NATO just antogonizes Russia and puts our people in harm's way and costs money and time. So disband now. This includes any type of missle shield. Yes we can have one (of course) to protect the US from in-comings, but why should we build one for Europe which is just an unprovoked counter-punch against Russia. They got their own problems, lets not add to them.

Iran: Its good we are talking to them for the first time in 28 years. How embarrassing it must have been in the halls of the UN and other (I wish only) talking shops when the functionaires-appartchiks from the US and Iran had to walk past each other pretending that the other did not exist. Talking prevents misunderstanding which hopefully will prevent nation-states from inflicting more useless suffering.