Friday, May 11, 2007

State Anti-Trust

Its ok when we do it

Yes the Governator has announced that it is time to "privatize" the California State Lottery, for an asking price of around $35 billion. I remember when the lottery was first introduced, one of the nation's first. It was supposed to increase funding for schools. Of course what happened in California, and elsewhere, is that as the money poured in to the lottery, the regularly budgeted school monies were decreased and it just became another way for the state to collect money. In this case it is a hideously regressive way. Do you see who buys lottery tickets? It is the lowest rung of society who can least afford it, and have nothing to lose.

Only the ignorant would bet on such a foolish odds-return so its just another example of the evil the state imposes upon people. They sell the lottery tickets here in Brooklyn same place you buy booze and ciggies, all big earners for the state coffers.

So now, CA is to privatize this regressive machine, giving a monopoly to the highest bidder. So what else is new?