Monday, May 28, 2007

Only in France, Part 39

French wine terrorists

The gimme-state as we all know is at its most active in France. Just remember a year or so back when the state tried to cut back the stipends given students for their 10 years in college (or was it making employment-for-life harder to get for newer workers? all these counter-productive socialist policies run together for me sometimes) , the Paris street protests and, ultimately, the withdrawl of reform and thus an employment rate hovering at greater than 10% with no decrease in sight. Well truth be told "temp" agencies are doing quite nicely and are some of the biggest employers in France for these very factor mobility reasons.

Now some French vinters are whinning (no pun intended) about possible lowering of price-supports for their wine. (Since when does high quality stuff with high demand need to be subsidized....yes only in France). In fact the vintners are promising "terrorist" type attacks if the price supports arent forthcoming. When will they ever learn?