Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Iconic Centrality

John Coltrane lives in our hearts and minds

John Coltrane just won an honoray Pulitzer for his "masterful improvisation, supreme musicianship and iconic centrality to the history of jazz." He was also a very spiritual and kind person who I am told never said anything bad about anyone.

Coltrane died way too early at age 40. He didnt die of drugs or anything stupid. People who knew him said that he practiced. He practiced day in day out. Yes he had talent, but he worked hard. And that is who he was. His ideas, his soul passion resonance tone feeling and cohesion brought those that come in to contact with his art a whole new consciousness. What does this have to do with economics? Alot. He wasnt rich he wasnt poor he just was. In whatever your field of endeavor let the light of John Coltrane shine on you.