Monday, March 26, 2007

Leave No Trade Bureaucrat Behind

India Mangoes and American Harleys

The latest news from the rapidly growing subcontinent is that India is going to allow the USA to export Harley-Davidson motorcycles (now that they dont suck anymore, well they never sucked just were hard to maintain if you didnt dedicate your life to it) into India in return for the US allowing Indian mangoes into our space.

Just imagine what kind of trade would happen if it wasnt micromanaged. Actually this is too cynical. It is swell news that India is opening itself up even more, no wonder it is growing so fast. So many new millionaires and so many more people with clean water to drink. Just 10 years ago India was really tight about things they let in their country; they controlled the economy all around them with their-state subsidized exports and gaining the wrath of business people who couldnt trade stuff into Inda. Like many African countries are now still, trading more with Europeans than they do with each other. But India realized soon enough that central planning, despite best intentions, really wasnt sustainable. Free the goods free the people.