Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Way Out of Iraq


Today's NY Times (thats alot of the way a blog works, the mainstream press writes about something then the bloggers pick it up and comment) had article on $12 billion in cash being unaccounted for in Iraq under P. Bremer III, the first American overlord of the area, before the "Government of Iraq" was put back in charge. Point is is that they used the cash to pay people that were working for Uncle Sam. And some say some of the cash is missing eg unaccounted for.

That is highly unlikely, the US Government, has believe it or not, very good systems to account for where they spend their (our) money and who it goes to and how much. The problem is who they give it to and for what reasons (eg not usually to help the common man but the special interest man).

So the cash is unaccounted for (but that is just a Times media-buzz superificial thing). But if so why should it be surprising. Government spends other people's money. Why should they be careful with it or expect to get something for it? There is no risk-return incentives like there is in the real world.

The way out of Iraq is to just get out. We deposed their dictator (and why was that our business other than the fact that we helped to arm Saddam in the first place?) which was allegedly the reason - once WMDs and solid Al Quaeda connections couldnt be shown (eg there is a moving target on why we are there in the first place anyway, so feeding the military machine and the nation-state ego seems more and more to be the only - unjustifiable - rationale).

So just give the "Government of Iraq" enough cash to cover all the damages our military has done there and get out, ceteris paribus. Who wants to live in a military dictatorship with foreign troops in uniform everywhere? And who wants to be responsible - and pay - for creating this type of consciousness ?

This does no-one any good not least the U.S. kids and locals getting killed under zero rational reasoning. (One person killed is too many, let alone tens of thousands.) Let's wake-up, pay-back in cash, and get-out.