Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Long Live the King Just Take His Property


Lots of "Europeans" (eg white people) love Nepal. Fresh air, mountains, laid back, and good hashish back in the day (so they tell me). For a decade or so though there have been Maoists recruiting the villagers; like many poor places there is big divide between city and countryside.

The current King (Gyanendra) got the throne by killing his family after a night of drink. Even that I guess is too much for the people. So the current government will be nationalizing the property the King aquired since taking office. Of course no doubt the asset siezing will be clean and transparent ha ha. But its probably better than a top-heavy monarchy for such a small place. In a monarchy the King (Queen) needs to be respected, like in Thailand. Thats just not the case any longer in Nepal.