Monday, February 26, 2007

How the State Spends Money

No surprises here

The NY Times (eg paper of record for many) had piece today on Senator so-and-s0 who, "has directed several hundered thousand dollars' worth of of state aid to a community group run by the husband of a longtime staff member who is also an important political ally." I guess the point is, why is this news?

Most, and depending how you define it, all, government spending is done this way. Of course there are procurement rules, eg like anything over a certain amount must have at least three bids, but these are circumvented by "special" circumstances that a contractor or grantee brings to the job at hand. Eg the government gets a waiver to give the moneys to whom they want because only that particular party has the ability to carry out the job.

Just look at Haliburton and the Iraq "reconstruction". Again, why was that a surprise to anyone?

So next time you look to the state for a solution for the world's ills, just remember what you are asking for.