Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Latest Government of New York Scam

More debt and off-budget spending

It seems like maybe things will get better, after they have gotten worse which is usually the case. The NY Times today has good write-up off how it is just not the slush fund of $200 million pet-projects for the Governor and the legislature that are off-budget, but additional "projects" which come directly from off-budget borrowing (even the Federal government has to have all expenditures appropriated and audited).

Off-budget projects funded from direct borrowing under ex-Gov. Pataki totalled $1.7 billion during his last 9 months in office, exceeding that of the past 8 years combined. Let's assume (hope) that self-described bulldog new Gov. Spitzer will be all over this like a cheap suit.

See not-for-profit Center for Government Research for this and other necessary reform to move our state from one of the highest taxed, highest in-debt, highest regulated to something a little more rational Inchallah.