Friday, January 12, 2007

The Dialectic and War Politics

And so it goes

The American political circus continues. Like I was telling a friend in Taos NM over the holidays, the dialectic is just getting reinforced. The stronger the two parties oppose each other, the stronger each party bcomes individually. The synthesis (i.e. peace and progress) is nowhere yet in sight.

The most obvious recent examples are President Bush's call for more troops for Iraq, and the new Democrats vehement stance against. They are like clowns playing out a pre-done script.

And also, the Dialectic is manifesting itself in the next phase of the war-mongering nation-state (dont hate the players, hate the game, by definition the nation-state is war-mongering, there are some (few) exceptions, thus, again, the tension-creation of opposites reinforcing definition of their other) with US troops in Iraq violating Iranian sovereignty by broaching their embassy domains in-country. Right on-time for the next distraction. Stop it now. Thank you.