Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Number One Cash Crop

Tax and Spend

Yes another study has shown that marijuana (the US Constitution was printed on cannabis paper and the the sails of the Mayflower were made of cannabis as were of course the original Levi's jeans) is the top selling crop in the USA, selling more than corn and all vegetables combined.

Before the Income Tax the US government (and now the states are in on the act) got most of its tax revenue through taxes on alcohol and customs taxes (luckily that has gone by the way-side through quote-unquote free trade). But again that was before the US war machine kicked into gear and more money had to be raised.

We should go back to making illegal drugs legal and then taxing them, that would reduce taxes on things we want to encourage (income and investment). The only reason that weed is illegal (besides the fact that it makes you stupid if you smoke it) is because the Dupont and the Hearst families said it should be. Why should just select people set our public policies for us?