Monday, December 18, 2006

India, the US and Nuclear Power

If you cant beat them, join them

It was no secret that India had the bomb in the lat 1980s, then when they exploided it in the mid-1990s even those with their heads in the sand knew India had the bomb.

The US put a trade embargo on India nonetheless after India's nuclear tests. Luckily India then helped out the US in one of its neo-imperialist adventures in that part of the world (eg not at home where the government should keep itself) so the trade embargo was lifted and thus 10 years later the Indian economy is cooking, bringing all those who trade with it (and that is alot) along for the ride.

Now the US and India have signed a controversial trade agreement involving nuclear fuels, controversial because India is not conforming to international law for inspections of its industry. Since when has the law stopped any one from doing what they want to?