Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wesley Snipes Sticking it to the Man

The 861 Position

Mr. Snipes is a cool dude and a good actor. Now he is a good American with the guts to not pay his taxes (some $11 million worth). Too bad he got caught, now he is has to pay beaucoup penalty interest!

There is an estimated 152,000 people who have used the "861 Position" argument for not paying taxes and of these 8 are in jail, a max of five years for each case. Snipes faces 30 years.

100 years ago the government was about 10% of the economy (mostly tariffs and alcohol taxes). Now the government is more like 40%. The payroll tax is 13%, the income tax is 15% fed and 6% local, and sales tax is 5%. That doesnt even include regulation costs (tried finding an apartment in a rent-controlled city lately?) or cigarette and alcohol (if you indulge in these things and if so have you compared prices to other countries without welfare states?). Anyway, give this man a good part in a good movie.