Monday, October 09, 2006

The 700 Mile Wall of Shame

Mr. Bush, don’t build this wall

Last week the US Congress passed legislation and the President signed a bill for the construction of a 700 mile ‘fence’ along the US border with Mexico. This is a national shame, like the Berlin Wall or Israel’s wall with Palestine. The US was founded (except for those already here!) and continues to thrive with immigrants. The building of the wall, like the Administration’s skirting of torture rules, is not American.

Besides, it is just a Potemkin construct. People are going to do what people are going to do, and as long as the actors don’t hurt anyone else, laws that don’t recognize this are bad laws. People want to leave their own countries and come to the US for the opportunities the US offers. Building walls, just like laws against drug use, prostitution and gambling, wont change this behaviour, just make those acting with good intentions criminal.

You hear of those trying to leave North Korea being impaled on security fences. This will not be any different, what is next, 24 hour guard towers, sentries and shoot on sight? Bad bad bad.