Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Middle East Deadend

International city

One of the things Workers doesnt try to understand, nor render an opinion on as some things are just too complicated historically and specialization means I'll never understand it as well as the experts, is the islam-jew middle east problem. However we all cant help but see its at this point intractable.

The news media is standing by to bring us the updates. Shuttle diplomacy, human shields, unrestrained force, suicide bombers, not true Islam, armies at the ready blah blah. People are dying; not the power hungry or those that begat the violence, but innocent people just trying to get their daily couscous and fish.

Jon Stewart recommended one way to divert the wrongfooted path of the endgame is to make Jeruselum an international city, whereas as Steven Colbert in his own show following, said we are in the beginning of WWIII.

Doing some cursury research I find neither of these ideas are of this years' vintage. Point is why not try making the center of religous mankind an international city? Whatever we are doing now isnt working. The nation-state and the fear-mongering divisive nature of politics says this story will continue, lets write an alternative script.