Friday, July 28, 2006

Proof That Politicians Pander

Minumum wage increases = job losses

If you want proof that politicians will do the wrong things to get elected, here it is. As you know the US Congress is now debating raising the minimum wage. The American Economic Association has come out on record saying that increases in minimum wage means a loss of jobs. Especially those at the bottom of the food chain, eg those that need jobs the most !

However, what politician can resist doing legislation that makes it LOOK like more people will be making more money ? The fact that our 'leaders' are doing this despite the economic evidence is shameful, but I guess proof of what was before intuitively obvious.

Furthermore, there has been some research lately that shows the more educated you are, the more "economically" you think. So more pandering is done, again, pushing the buttons of the poor and the less educated.

It is very common to make fun of 1) our politicians, 2) our spouses, 3) our bosses. But in this case, the evidence is plain.