Thursday, July 13, 2006

NYC Police Pay

Cut the pork and pay the police

NYC is a funny place. It is self-admitted that every year the council members fight for pork. And that he who brings home the bacon is doing their job (this is no different than politics everywhere). But the problem is that the NYC police only get a starting pay of $25,000 per year (about what an entry-level clerical worker makes!); no wonder the blue are having such trouble meeting recruiting targets of 800 new police on the street for 2006. The force is down from 40,000 in 2001 to 37,000 this year while population has remained roughly 8.1 million. No, the police may be not our friends (unless we are in need) but at least we can cut the beggar-thy-neighbor pie-splitting just long enough to pay the police a decent wage to allow the city to do this one, strongly justifiable, role for government to protect the peace and property.