Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Green Power : Alternative Energy Choices in New York

The choice is yours

New Yorker environmentalists can now put their day-to-day money towards the cause by telling Con Ed they want to use alternative electrical-generating sources (wind, solar, biomass) for electricty at home. "Alternative" fuel currently source about 2% of the city's power.

For those choosing exclusively green - you can tell Con Ed what percentage of alternative power you want delivered - the average electrical bill will be about $9 higher per month (the “green premium”), so if you want to encourage the use of these ressources, here’s your chance. Maybe the more you buy of it the more there will be of it. Other sources on the gird now are coal (30%), nuclear (29%), gas (20%) and hydro (19%). Of course nuclear is the best generating mechanism (and why China is building 15 nuclear plants) but in the “West” we are concerned about how to dispose of the waste. Everyone has different priorities in life and preferences are subjective.