Wednesday, July 19, 2006

'The Economist' Say Its Not True !

The worlds dysfunctional policeman

The Economist in one of its leads this week asks that America step in to help create stability in Somalia. The Economist although one of the best reads in English forever is far too interventionalist for me. So just take it is a good news source.

Why should NOT America continue its worlds policemans ways. Lets count the reasons. One: the more we (or anyone) intervenes the more those intervened against push back, witness to name the most obvious, 9/11. For every action there is an opposite, and eventually equal, opposite reaction. Two: why should the played out superpower role be continued to be played? Its played out. Our military-industrial-security complex is a soul-destroying creativity-limiting resource-sucking machine. That sucks in and spits out the less fortunate in society.

Three: as the NY Times said today, native Iraquis are getting killed at the rate of 100 per day, and these are the people we are supposed to be helping?

At least the Economist said that the European Union should join the Americans in 'helping' Somalia. Well the EU is alot closer, and well I guess whatever taxes the Economist publishing company pays some of it goes to the EU so at least the magazine has a standing for that recommendation.