Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Gates and Buffet

Cold-hearted capitalists

I guess you must live in a cave to not know that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, the worlds two wealthiest people - have teamed-up to try to rid the world of desease. You know with these two brilliant succesful men putting their heads together it could work. That is of course if the governments where they wish to do business actually want to help their people. Good luck gentlemen.

Just as a note, this might show that wealthy successful people are people too. When you amass so much wealth it may give you a sense of alienation and isolation compared with the rest of humanity. (The NY Times yesterday had a cool article about how Buffet and Gates are friends because they are both so smart and dont really have much in common with anyone else and how they do math problems and and play on-line bridge together). So philanthropy has been the age-old solution to wealth alienation and in fact the reason some philosophers argue that elites progress humanity.