Friday, May 26, 2006

What Now Google

The downward slope?

It was announced that Google- the groundbreaking search engine (ah the productivity and efficiency created by the internet !!) - which became the world's largest media company when it went public a couple years back at around $90 per share with its stock getting to as high as around $300 has doubled its Washington DC lobbying team (albiet from one to two people). The point is is that once a company feels that they have less to offer the market they start to focus their resources on buying influence with the government to gain state-sanctioned monopoly, protectionist, and/or anti-competitive powers. (Called 'rent-seeking' in ecomomic terms). Google, say its not true, take some of those good ideas you are working on and bring them to market. You are (were?) too good to play the State-Capitalist game.