Sunday, April 23, 2006

One Way to Break the Political Monopoly

Maryland's Fusion Candidate

I just learned about a Kevin Zeese from Maryland who is running for U.S. Senator on a 'fusion' ticket meaning that Kevin is trying to unite the 'outside' parties (Libertarian, Green and Populist). This is a weird combo (but weird combos have worked in Europe to overthrow stagnant political monopolies) as Libertarians prefer a limited role for government, and Greens tend to prefer a nanny-state and Populists tend to prefer soaking the rich without paying enough mind to individual and property rights and economic principles. That being said, our political monopoly of Democrats and Republicans has gotten us unthinking jingoism, war, State-Capitalism and a Federal government on a spending spree like a drunken sailor so it is good to see someone actually try to put no-win idealogy aside and try something new. Good luck Kevin Zeese.