Friday, April 28, 2006

Happy May Day 2006

Workers of the World Relax

Yes its May Day. In the USA this means its about time for the swimming pools to open. Elsewhere in the world it means that people come together to celebrate an honest days work for an honest days pay.

Unfortunately, we once had a great laissez-faire economic order when England was the hegemon (or am i just like Cocteau who said that 'the good old days' is just a perception - the closer you get to things the larger they become, the farther you get from events the larger they become), now since the 20th century with the US as the hegemon we have had a protectionist order.

Maybe it is again time to come together to protest our crony State-Capitalism and fight for "live and let live" without the state robbing us blind (and it is ironic how soon May Day comes after Tax Day here).

Ps, some frnds of mine, my first roomate in DC, got married on May Day, this weekend many years later, they are opening their own coffee and donut shop, its good to see the entrepreneurship spirit alive and well, lets celebrate.