Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Turkey: Be Careful What You Wish For

Turkey and its "ascension" to the European Union

Yesterday the Republic of Turkey started on what might be a 10- or 15-year negotiation/ policy reform road toward joining the EU. It might be asked why they would want join something when even some of the founding members' citizens are trying to get out ? (See Workers of the World Relax blog of 16 June 2005 on the EU vote in France and the Netherlands).

A theory is that once something gets too big it falls apart. The EU is so diverse and has grown so big, why is it needed, and to whom is it accountable? Like NATO it just seems to be a way to define 'us versus' them with Russia being the them. That is so 1990s (I mean 1980s).

Why would Turkey, with such a glorious silk-road and ancient history of its own want to join a bloated, controlling modern bureaucracy I dont know. There is ONE economic advantage, and that is the EU free trade zone, however, Turkey can gain some of these benefits by just openining its doors to EU products unilaterally without having to spend its time, effort and domestic and international political capital on the other aspects of EU ascension. Another advantage might be to get subsidies from the EU, but how self-respecting is waiting in line for welfare? And who would want the stoltifying archaic EU labor-market regulations enforced upon them and the bureacratic mechansims needed to monitor and enforce these regulations.

Of course many commentators are mentioning the fact the Turkey's involvement with the EU would prevent it from becoming a "Christian Club". But, since when is it advantageous to mix religion and politics and isnt that why Turkey is even in this position, that it is a moderate Muslim-majority country. Who wants to be the token minority at the dinner party.

Because arent, after-all, big Ministerial clubs just a big taxpayer subsidized chance to talk, that is when not a chance to tax or to regulate and spend in favor of special interests? Most entrepreneurs (eg people with ideas energy hardwork creativity and vision) tend to avoid politics and government but that being said, Turkey, best of luck, just be careful what you wish for. Happy Ramadan.