Friday, April 22, 2005

Ashkar Akayev's List

Power Corrupts

As most are aware, Kyrgystan's president-for-life (at least from the fall of the Soviet Union where he was head of Party to late last month) tendered his "resignation".

Here's a list circulating Central Asia which I received this morning of holdings related to Akayev's family which are being investigated, pretty funny if it werent so sick, and I guess, good work if you can get it.

1) Bereket Trade Center

2) Madina Trade Center

3) Facilities included into the 'Meerim'

International Charity Foundation

4) Kant Cement and Slate Fctory

5) Kadamjay mercury factory

6) Kainda Sugar Factory

7) Karabalta Alcohol factory

8) Manas Airport JSV

9) Kyrgyzalko JSV (alcohol producing)

10) SHNOS chain of gasoline stations

11) MIS company

12) Aalam Service company in FEZ Bishkek

13) KOORT TV company

14) Vecherny Bishkek newspaper

15) Airek Advertizement Agency

16) Love radio station

17) Kyrgyzinfo Information Agency

18) 'Noorus' Ski Resort

19) Energobank

20) 'Alliance' chain of gasoline stations

21) 'Bitel' cellular phone company

22) 'Fonex' cellular phone company

23) Issykku (Aurora) Resort

24) Plot of land on the compound of the

Kyrgyz Seaside Resort

25) Guikair Resort at Issukkul

26) Silk Way Shopping Center

27) Irish Pub restaurant

28) Manchester Restaurant

29) First Disco Club

30) Stars restaurant

31) Narodnyi chain of grocery stores

32) Bishkek Hotel

33) Temir company (mining?)

34) Kumtor JSV

35) Elcat Internet providing company

36) Piramida TV company

37) NBT TV company

38) Spa Studio beauty salon

39) Interglass Tokmak glass company

40) Barat-Mercedes station

41) Jalalabad cotton-processing company

Not a bad effort for a country of only 5 million people ! All change takes time and all bad experiments need time to self-correct to their natural state.