Saturday, March 19, 2005

The purpose of this site

Greetings and welcome to Workers of the World Relax. The purpose of this site is to share ideas on social, economic and cultural ideas of today, with a vision to move beyond the stagnant "Us" versus "Them" political dilemma we face in the good ol' USA; to discuss ideas not personalities, to present solutions to the issues that all of us face and with an attempt to avoid accusatory politics.

It is conventional wisdom (which is not always bad) that over the past at least 10 years more and more Americans are becoming 'independent', not aligning themselves with one or the other of the current (Repubs and Dems) monopolist political parties. As my mom said about this current often hate-filled debate, "It hasn't always been this way, it's gotten alot worse".

Left or right, conservative and liberal, hindu and muslim, catholic and protestant, poor and rich, happy or sad, fat or skinny, punk or hippie, old and young, country or city, east and west, north and south, red and blue, black or white. Human beings are born with free-will, it's all about how you exercise it.

Tabula Rasa, y'all.